Brand: Schampa
Product Code: BALACLAVA-G
Availability: 11.0

Recommended faux fur care:

Hand wash or machine wash with cool water only. Allow to air dry or use no-heat tumble dry if using a dryer. Excessive heat will ruin and melt the fur!

How to remove creases:

1. Lay the fur piece out on a flat surface. 

2. Using a hairdryer on medium heat, blow the fur fibers in the direction of the pile. You may want to use a slicker brush to help straighten the fibers. 

3. After a few seconds of heat, the fibers should mostly straighten back out. Repeat over the rest of the piece and it should be mostly fixed. WARNING: Don't hold the hairdryer for too long in one spot - this will cause the fibers to MELT which will permanently ruin the fur.

A balaclava is one of the best options for a fursuit head base. They are cool to wear, and can help to increase the longevity of your head. You can build upholstery foam (can be found at any local Hancock's or Joann Fabrics) ontop of the balaclava to sculpt your fursuit's head.

I have personally used balaclavas from this company in my own fursuit heads, and they are fantastic! Appropriately named "Coolskin", they are very lightweight, will keep you cool, and are designed to wick moisture away from your face.

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