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Recommended faux fur care:

Hand wash or machine wash with cool water only. Allow to air dry or use no-heat tumble dry if using a dryer. Excessive heat will ruin and melt the fur!

How to remove creases:

1. Lay the fur piece out on a flat surface. 

2. Using a hairdryer on medium heat, blow the fur fibers in the direction of the pile. You may want to use a slicker brush to help straighten the fibers. 

3. After a few seconds of heat, the fibers should mostly straighten back out. Repeat over the rest of the piece and it should be mostly fixed. WARNING: Don't hold the hairdryer for too long in one spot - this will cause the fibers to MELT which will permanently ruin the fur.

Smallest size (default) is best for humans, but if you only need a small tag, would work great for a fursuit.

Ever wanted a tag for your fursuit, but the ones you can get at the pet store just aren't big enough? With our new equipment, a laser cutter, we can help you out!

Tags can be printed in any shape, any size, with any text, and with a single color. Current color selection is limited, but will grow in the future. Tags are made of sturdy acrylic plastic - should be mostly unbreakable.

Note: engraved areas will have some striations in the surface due to the nature of the process. These aren't noticable from a distance and actually add some neat texture.

This item is made to order and may require additional processing time. Please allow up to 2 weeks for this item to ship.

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