NOTICE: We will be operating with reduced staff due to part of our team vending at Motor City Fur Con from 10/6-10/11. Please note that shipping times may be longer than normal. IMPORTANT: Any orders placed after 12:00PM EST on 10/5 which include FABRIC SWATCHES, CUSTOM ELECTRONICS (FANS, LED KITS), FACE MASKS, or LASER CUT PARTS (EYES, TAGS) will not be shipped until after 10/11.


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Deluxe Self-Cleaning Slicker Brush


Is your fursuit looking matted? If so, a slicker brush is just what you need. Simply brush the fur on your fursuit before and after each wearing to keep the fur looking soft and fluffy. You can also use these for brushing fur out of seams, making yar..

Travel-Sized Lint Roller


Anyone who has worked with faux fur before can tell you that you'll be covered in fur fibers after working with it, especially when the fur is brand new. Keep the fuzz at bay with a lint roller! This mini lint roller comes equipped with 30 adhesive s..

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