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Mint Luxury Shag Faux Fur - CUSTOM..


Mint luxury shag is one of our custom colors - you won't likely find it anywhere else! It's out of stock for now, but it will be coming back soon!Luxury shag fur is one of the most popular furs commonly used in suitmaking. It is known for its shiny s..

Custom Handmade Fursuit Tail


A soft, fluffy tail, made with high quality fur according to your specifications!  Features: Can be 15-36 inches in length (length is measured based on the total length of the item, not including any curves). Squeaker in tip..

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Lime Green Luxury Fox Faux Fur (CUS..


**Please note: this is a custom run fur! As such, once we run out, we cannot guarantee more will ever be produced. Please plan accordingly!**We call this fur luxury fox fur because it is almost like a hybrid of our luxury shag fur and MM fox faux fur..

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Gingerbread Bunny Shag (CUSTOM RUN)


*Please note: this is a custom run preorder listing! Preorders are now closed.*We will reach out 2-4 weeks ahead of delivery to confirm that your address has not changed, so please be sure to check out with an email address that you check regularly a..

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Denim Beaver Faux Fur (CUSTOM RUN)


**Please note: this is a small custom run, so once we run out, we cannot guarantee if more will ever be made. Please plan accordingly!**This extremely high quality and very soft fur is perfect for use in fursuits, especially for shorter areas like fa..

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Amber Bunny Shag (CUSTOM RUN)


Bunny shag is a style of faux fur fabric that has become very popular over the last few years. It is known for its relatively short pile length (1" or a bit less), realistic texture, density, and softness. Usually shaves beautifully and looks great f..

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