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Convention Schedule through August 2020

Convention schedule through august 2020

Hello all! Here is our current list of confirmed conventions. Expect this list to receive periodic updates with more information as we are accepted into more cons/receive table placement info/etc. Please note that due to COVID-19, our list of conventions is rapidly changing as events are postponed o...

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COVID-19 Updates

Covid-19 updates

Hello all,In this uncertain time, we wanted to provide some updates regarding our current operations during the global pandemic situation. Here is what you can expect at this time:Our OperationsWe are still open and operating on a normal schedule. Most orders are still being dispatched from our ware...

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Free Domestic Shipping on Accessory Orders of $50 or more!

Free domestic shipping on accessory orders of $50 or more!

We're pleased to announce a brand new promotion that will be running from now until at least April 15 - this promotion will include FREE USA shipping on all accessory orders over $50.How do I use this promotion?Simply add your desired items to your cart, ensure that the total adds up to at least $50...

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Old and new colors on the way - in stock August 18 at 8PM EST!

Old and new colors on the way - in stock august 18 at 8pm est!

Hey all!We are very excited to announce that we have some new colors on the way! They will be going in stock at 8pm Eastern Time on Sunday, August 18!  Swatches are available now. These colors are:Silver Beaver Faux FurGray Beaver Faux FurCamel Beaver Faux FurBrown Beaver Faux FurGray Luxury Sh...

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New Style Just In - Fox Faux Furs!

New style just in - fox faux furs!

Hey all!We've got some very exciting news! We have just received a new style from one of our suppliers. This style is called fox faux fur! It is reminiscent of our luxury fox fur (coarse, realistic texture with guard hairs), but isn't as dense or quite as soft as luxury fox. It comes in a 2" pile wi...

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Welcome to our new website!

Welcome to our new website!

Hello all! We're pleased to be unveiling our brand new website, the third iteration of FursuitSupplies.com! We've added a ton of features for your convenience, and for a better mobile browsing experience. Here are some of the changes:- New and improved mobile site with a more phone-friendly lay...

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New Colors Coming Soon!

New colors coming soon!

Hey all!Got an exciting update for you all today! We're pleased to announce the impending arrival of several new colors!Small Custom Runs Arriving Soon: Small custom run items are EXTREMELY LIMITED in nature, and once they're gone, they're gone for the foreseeable future! If you preordered, you...

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