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Fursuit Paw Pad/Claw LED Light Kit

Fursuit Paw Pad/Claw LED Light Kit
Fursuit Paw Pad/Claw LED Light Kit
Fursuit Paw Pad/Claw LED Light Kit
Fursuit Paw Pad/Claw LED Light Kit
Out Of Stock
Fursuit Paw Pad/Claw LED Light Kit
Fursuit Paw Pad/Claw LED Light Kit
Fursuit Paw Pad/Claw LED Light Kit
Fursuit Paw Pad/Claw LED Light Kit
Fursuit Paw Pad/Claw LED Light Kit
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**PLEASE NOTE: BATTERIES ARE NO LONGER INCLUDED. However, this product will work with any 2 standard USB cell phone batteries. YOU WILL NEED 2 SEPARATE BATTERIES FOR THIS ITEM TO WORK.**

This is a high quality handpaw light kit from Can be used to light paw pads or claws.

Includes LEDs (either 4 [4 claws], 5 [5 claws],  5 [4 fingers + palm pad], or 6 [5 fingers + palm pad]) pre-soldered to a USB connector. USB batteries are not included. Simply run the LEDs through the back side of the paws and light them up! 

The kit measures ~9.5 inches (24cm) from the tip of the middle finger to the joining point of all the LEDs.  The other fingers are scaled accordingly.  The default wire length from the USB connector to the bottom of the LEDs is 3-4 inches (8-10cm), making a total length of fingertip to usb connector approximately 12.5 to 13.5 inches (32-34 cm).  You can alternately choose a longer wire if you plan to put the battery pack further up your arm.

For best results, install before affixing paw pads.  You can pull the pads off, install the lights, then put them back on, but it'll be much easier if you don't.

Also, please note, this item includes everything you need to add lights to your paws EXCEPT THE 2 BATTERY PACKS.  It does NOT include the actual handpaws. 


1. a. If lighting paw pads: Preferably before installing paw pads, use a large gauge needle or other pointy object to penetrate the finger where you want to install the LED.  Optionally, and only if you feel comfortable with it, it's much easier and effective to simply cut a very small hole with a pair of scissors.  You'll be hot gluing over it anyway, so it won't compromise the integrity of the fur or backing.

1. b. If lighting claws: Be sure to use semitransparent claws which are either white/clear or matching the color of your LEDs. The best option to light LED claws is to simply glue the LEDs to the base of the claws prior to installing the claws as you normally would.

2.  If lighting paw pads: If you use the needle, while it is still in place, use it as a guide to push the LED through to the outside of the paw from the inside.  Otherwise, just push the LED through the hole.  Repeat for all fingers plus the palm if lighting paw pads.

3. After all the LEDs are in place, connect the *not included* batteries and turn them on.  Check to ensure proper placement.

4. If lighting paw pads: Affix the pads to the paw.  For improved results, leave the LEDs lit up until you actually begin gluing.  This will ensure proper placement of paws for optimal lighting effect.

Please note: This kit includes lights only. Does not include claws, paw pads, USB batteries, or other supplies for making handpaws. Image shown is only an example.

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Country of Origin China

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