Care and Maintenance

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Fursuit Cleaner Spray - 2oz


Need to freshen up your suit on the go or at a con? Try our fursuit cleaner spray! A lot of normal fabric cleaning sprays can be harmful to your suit. This gentle combination of essential oils, isopropyl alcohol, and distilled water will disinfect yo..


Slicker Brush


Is your fursuit looking matted? If so, a slicker brush is just what you need. Simply brush the fur on your fursuit before and after each wearing to keep the fur looking soft and fluffy. You can also use these for brushing fur out of seams, making yar..

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Furst Aid - Fursuit Repair and Main..


Imagine this: you're at a con, and one of your claws falls off, or a seam rips as you're bouncing around in suit. What do you do? Open your trusty Furst Aid kit and fix it, of course!Included in this kit is mostly everything you need to do minor repa..

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