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Frosted Silver Samoyed Husky Faux Fur (4in Pile)

Frosted Silver Samoyed Husky Faux Fur (4in Pile)
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Frosted Silver Samoyed Husky Faux Fur (4in Pile)
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This is a highly realistic, very long two-tone silver faux fur, very similar to our previous Flokati style of fur, though not identical. Though not a color they typically come in, the look and feel reminds us a lot of a poofy Samoyed dog! This fur is very long and fluffy, has great movement to it, and would work great for more realistic suits, or for long fur accents or tails on toony suits. The white variation also takes airbrushing very well.

This is a close color match to the old silver flokati, though it won't be perfect - the lighter tips of the fur are slightly more ivory on this version, whereas the original silver flokati had pure white tips. However, used on separate areas of a costume, this difference wouldn't be noticeable. Even right up against the old stuff, it won't be an immediately obvious difference in most cases.

This fur has a 4" pile, and is much denser than fun fur. It is also very wispy and straight, unlike Mongolian fur which is similar in length. Comes in 1 yard and 1/2 yard increments; yards are usually 58-60" wide.

Faux Fur Qualities
Stock Type Reorderable
Pile Length 4"
Average Width 58-60"
Color Silver
Other Specifications
Country of Origin China

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