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About Us

We are a fursuit supply company founded in 2012 by Wolfeh of Wolfeh Works. We strive to provide a wide variety of new and unique faux fur fabrics at the intersection of low prices and high quality. We aim to offer everything one would need to craft a fursuit, especially the kinds of materials that can be difficult to find at your local craft store.  We're a small team of only two, so the people you interact with via email and on Twitter are the same people who are packing and shipping your orders!

Feel free to contact us with any questions!

Meet our team:


Wolfeh founded back in 2012 after noticing the distinct lack of fur suppliers specifically catering to furries, as well as how hard certain fursuit-making materials were to locate. Her aim was to offer a wide selection of fursuit-quality furs as well as most of the harder to find fursuit materials in one place, being offered from the perspective of someone who makes fursuits themselves.

Wolfeh has been in the fandom since at least 2008, with furry interests even before then. She started making and selling fursuit parts and fursuits around 2010-2011, and still makes all the custom-made fursuit parts for our site to this day. 


Static joined our team in 2014. He is a fursuit electronics expert, and owner of Furry Circuits. He is working to develop fursuit-friendly electronics such as LED controller boards and more. Static designed and hand-makes all of the fursuit fans and LED products we currently offer. He's been in the fandom since at least 2010 as well.

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