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Custom Handmade Fursuit Paws


A handmade pair of paws by Wolfeh of Wolfeh Works! Please allow up to 4 or more weeks for completion. If you have a specific deadline, even if it is further out than four weeks, please be sure to mention it! Deadlines sooner than 4 weeks from no..


CUSTOM Handmade Fursuit Sized Colla..


This is an absolutely ENORMOUS collar which is perfect for use with a fursuit - it can fit 20-28" fursuit necks, and is a whopping 2" wide. It is equipped with a large D-ring for attaching badges or tags to as well.Want to add a personalized name? We..


Custom Handmade Fursuit Tail


A soft, fluffy tail, made with high quality fur according to your specifications!  Features: Can be 15-36 inches in length (length is measured based on the total length of the item, not including any curves). Squeaker in tip..

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