Gray Luxury Shag Faux Fur (2in Pile)

Gray Luxury Shag Faux Fur (2in Pile)

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*Important: this fur does not shave well - it works best left at its default length.*

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NOTICE: We will be operating with reduced staff due to part of our team vending at Motor City Fur Con from 10/6-10/11. Please note that shipping times may be longer than normal. IMPORTANT: Any orders placed after 12:00PM EST on 10/5 which include FABRIC SWATCHES, CUSTOM ELECTRONICS (FANS, LED KITS), FACE MASKS, or LASER CUT PARTS (EYES, TAGS) will not be shipped until after 10/11.

Item specifics

  • Stock Type Reorderable
  • Pile Length 2"
  • Average Width 58-60"
  • Color Gray

Product Description

*Important: this fur does not shave well - it works best left at its default length.*

Luxury shag fur is one of the most popular furs commonly used in suitmaking. It is known for its shiny softness, as well as its availability in a huge number of colors. In fact, a large reason behind why this fur is so popular is because of just how many colors it comes in! We offer it in 40+ colors here on our site. It is also known as DF fur, promo shag, lux shag, shag, and other names. We offer most of our colors in a 1" and 2" length - 1" is the default pile length; 2" will be noted in the title of the fur.

What are the differences between 1" and 2" luxury shag? The length is the biggest difference, but 1" lux shag also tends to be denser and better for shaving than the 2" version. We always recommend ordering a swatch to make sure any specific fur will work for your particular project.

All our furs are offered in increments of either 1 yard or 1/2 yard. Yards average 60" in width. This fur can be used on any part of a fursuit, but is rather long so will need to be shaved down using pet clippers on shorter fur areas, such as the face of a fursuit.

Want to purchase a half yard? Select "half yard" as the increment you would like to order in in the drop down box on the page. You can add additional full yards to your half yard order by changing increments back to "full yards" and adding the appropriate amount of yardage to your cart; all yards of 1 color will be sent to you as 1 continuous piece (unless otherwise noted or unless we contact you to ask first due to an availability issue).

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