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12x12" Square of Black Buckram

12x12" Square of Black Buckram
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12x12" Square of Black Buckram
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New: Black Buckram! Perfect for using in pupils without having to paint the buckram. Available in Loose Woven only.

Buckram is a material used in fursuits for the part of the eye that you see through. It is primarily used in toony heads, but can be used in realistic heads as well. The material is a white mesh which can have eyes drawn on with markers such as Prismacolor markers or painted with acrylic paints. Most makers will use a combination of plastic sclera (whites) of the eyes and buckram for the iris/pupil. For the plastic, we recommend either cutting up inexpensive white bowls/trash cans or using plastic sheets.

You can also make your entire fursuit eye using buckram, however, this is not recommended with the loosely woven kind of buckram - the holes in the mesh are somewhat large so that they provide excellent vision, but it will look very obviously like a mesh if large portions of the eyes are left white. If you want to make buckram eyes with sclera being buckram, we suggest buying the tightly woven kind. We only recommend this method for follow-me eyes. Flat toony eyes should almost never be made entirely from buckram.

WARNING: Tightly woven buckram is significantly harder to see through than loosely woven buckram, but it can look nicer. Buy the tightly woven kind at your own risk.

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